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Hau Dang, Agent Associate

My name is Hau Dang. I am currently a full-time pharmacist. I picked up my second career as Insurance Life Agent back in December of 2019 through an incredible individual, Quy Nguyen who has become my mentor. Many people have asked me why are you also doing life insurance when you already are a full-time pharmacist. My answer is simple; I want to grow as an individual and to give back. Sure with my pharmacist’s income, I could live a fairly good life. I can stop there. But why just stop there. I want to further develop my skills and expand my business. I saw through IAA, I can achieve just that. There is so much to be learned from IAA members. Many members are already well-established individuals from other businesses outside life insurance. IAA provides personal development and is very family-oriented. I can count on the members for support and guidance. Moreover, I want to genuinely help people, now and down the road. With the knowledge and skills from IAA, I can educate people on how they can use their savings now to protect their families, loved ones, and themselves. I would love to help people have that peace of mind that they are well protected down the road, whether the road may be smooth or bumpy. More importantly, I want to be happy and one way to be happy is to give back. Therefore, my ultimate goal to have financial freedom where I could give back to my family, my loved ones, and the unfortunate people. And I believe through IAA, I can accomplish this financial freedom to fulfill my ultimate goal. questions or concerns during the consultation.